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Feeding & Soothing Bibs with a soft and extra absorbent dribble catcher, to soak up dribble and leaks, ideal during feeding and teething to protect clothes from stains and odors. It’s possible to attach the soother to the ribbon, so it’s always a hand it won’t fall to the ground


Fork and knife to do it on his own. The First Cutlery encourages the baby to eat by himself the right way, thanks to the shape of the tips and ergonomic handle.


Softness to feed the baby gently


Cutlery as a grown-up


The stainless steel Step Up Family Bottle Holder & Food Holder is ideal for using the Chicco Step Up range of feeding bottles when out and about or for storing baby food, maintaining the temperature of the contents for 5 hours. The Step Up Family Bottle Holder & Food Holder is designed to make feeding […]



Warmy Plate

Warm food for longer so baby can eat without rushing.