Things we believe

Like all good things in this world, being a parent requires a lot of effort and sometimes it feels like a very bumpy road.

We at Chicco try to make this fantastic adventure a little smoother by listening to the needs of parents and parents-to-be.  However, we want to go further and promote the idea of parenting, a concept that embraces the wider support system of people who take care of children in different ways.  Wherever there is someone caring for a child, we are by their side.




Polly Highchair

New modern styling of highchair.


The innovative BIOFUNCTIONAL bottle developed to better support baby's nutrition, adapting immediately and continuously to the individual way baby's sucking.

0 - 9kg

Most advanced side-sleeping crib and has been designed to allow baby to sleep safely next to parents.


Car Safety

Seat4Fix Air

4 groups in one car seat: more than 10 years of safety and comfort!