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At your side, every step of the way.

We put our passion and expertise to use day after day to support parents and make sure that every single one of those moments can be enjoyed in complete serenity.

Our history

1946 – Artsana is born

Pietro Catelli founded Artsana, a sales agency specialised in the production and distribution of products for venapuncture and medication, that quickly became market leader.

Our history

1958 – The Chicco brand is born

After the birth of his son Enrico, affectionately named Chicco , Pietro Catelli has its greatest entrepreneurial intuition: to create a brand specialised in the field of baby care, to meet all the needs of the babies from 0 to 36 months.This marked the beginning of the trademark Chicco, a brand which soon became the reference for parents and established itself as the market leader in Italy and then worldwide.

Our history

From 1967 to 1998: the first branches of Artsana.

Artsana opens its European branch in Spain , expands to the Far East, opens its branches inUSA, Turkey, Brazil andArgentina.

Our history

From 2009: the international expansion continues

New branches open: India, Russia, Mexico and Poland.

Our history

Sir Pietro Catelli’s extraordinary life has become a biography

On sale in the best Italian bookshops.

Our values

Emotional Intelligence

We listento the needs and emotions of parents and children. We  understand
them, we make them our own, and we have made it our mission to provide the best solutions for them. We know how and when to be there for them, working together in perfect harmony but without ever taking their place.

Our values

Professionalism and Expertise

We take what we do extremely seriously. We take care to ensure that our products are safe , reliable and meet high quality standards. We have over  50 years’ experience in the world of baby care
and we continue to build on this expertise through our work at the Chicco Baby Research Center.

Our values

Innovation and Contemporary

We are backed by astrong sense of tradition, yet our team is constantly looking towards the future to research the  most technologically advanced solutions to respond to the needs of parents and children, both now and in the future.

Our values

Light-heartedness and Transparency

Taking care of a child is a serious business. We know this but think that it is equally important to relax a little every now and then. Because the experience of being a parent is by very definition a happy and positive one too. Our products are simple and straightforward – it is instantly recognisable what they are. They are the ultimate in user-friendliness. The language we use is also designed to be plain-speaking yet raise a smile at the same time.